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    • Posted July 11th, 2019, 02:33 PM


    The meeting kick-started at 11: 00 am on Wednesday 10th, July , 2019 at the yetunde Oyewole Auditorium and the opening prayer was led by H.O.D Business Administration - Mr. A.A. Faminu.


    The Rector , Dr. Mrs. Christina Funmilayo Odejide , welcomed all parents into the venue . In her opening remarks , she encouraged parents to cherish the language of their lands and she also appreciated their quick response towards making igbajo Polytechnic a better academic milieu to thrive.  

    She added that, in the history of Igbajo Polytechnic , organizing the first parent forum will be the first of its kind. In her remarks , she stated that the growth of the Polytechnic , viz-a-vis the students is important to her administration.

     It is imperative for a student to fill an application form stating the number of registered courses for the semester.

    To buttress her point, she added that a student from a well known institution she came across , failed to register for her courses and this led to her illegibility to be mobilized into the National Youth corp Service ( N.Y.S.C), all petitions had been raised on her behalf at the institution’s senate , she was pardoned and finally mobilized for service.

    Regardless of the challenges facing the institution particularly on the students , some students has been found worthy of emulation in their academic performances. for this reason, Igbajo Polytechnic  granted free scholarship programme to five girls , one boy making a total of six (6) students enjoying the privilege of the scholarship programme. Just to mention a few, one of our students(AMURE BISOLA MODINAT: Computer –Science department, H.N.D II) ,who had the highest C.GP.A: 3.82 in the school, Performed excellently and was given merit of scholarship. Parents are hereby enjoined to be part of the success story of their wards by catering for their needs so as to enhance performance efficiency.

    In conclusion , she summoned all parents , guardian and members of the institution to serve as watch dogs ensuring that students do the needful as at when due.Responding, Parents agreed to work collectively with the school authority .


    The Director , Academic Programmes ( Mr. Ayinla) , in his remarks discussed four salient issues facing students academic activities.

    In his first stance, he added that Class Attendance is one of the criterion for succeeding in an examination . It constitutes tests/ continuous assessments, class participation , cognitive skills and lots more , these are the parameters for success . Although , a students with genuine reasons should be enjoined to write formally to the school authority , stating the reasons for not attending lectures .

     Parents needs to rise to meet the primary needs of their wards. “ You will be surprised to know to most of these students who are naturally gifted suffer great psychological loss , and this has affected their academic performance” , he said.

     payment of fees is mandatory for every student, on no account should any student be given permission to carry on with registration , when a student has completed payment of fees , such a student can fill –in the registration forms known as DATA- ENTRY.

    In the same vein, once a student registers for courses , an hard-copy print indicating the number of courses registered for should be taken to the appropriate quarters in the institution for signatures and further directives.

    To wrap it up, he intimated all parents on result – checking . It is imperative for students to check their semester results on the school’s website : www., provided they have fulfilled all the requirements of the institution.


    “ Nigeria is graduating to the stage where entrepreneurship is going to take over the market place of ideas”. Introducing entrepreneurship to students of Igbajo polytechnic has yielded stupendous results . The goal of the Polytechnic is to produce students are self- reliant even after their academic sojourn on the campus.  

    To this effect, Igbajo Polytechnic has approved some skills for learning and practice such skills includes : shoe – making , cosmetology , Fashion – designing , interlocking & tiles, as well as farming / Agriculture.

    In his end remarks , he digressed using Bill –Gates ,( Chief executive Officer : Micro-soft Corporations ) as an emulation . Despite Bill’s academic deficiencies , he was able to utilize and maximize opportunities and today , he is regarded according to Forbes Magazine as one of the most richest on planet earth. Therefore, parents of Igbajo Polytechnic should empower their wards by cultivating a skill, by doing so, the future of the Nigerian child is secured.

    REGISTRAR’s CLOSING  REMARKS ( Mrs. Bukola . Funmilayo . Odetola )

    “ I am so delighted that some parent’s presence in this meeting is giving Igbajo Polytechnic a ray of hope as to sharpening the lives of the students.  we the ( institution) went further to search archives to get the correct contact address of our parents . Our esteemed parents from all geographical locations in the country , responded to our call to get more information about the forum . We therefore , enjoin our parents to spread the gospel of the purpose for gathering at the meeting to their fellow parents”.

    In her succinct observation, students of Accounting Department , Faculty of Management studies were decently dressed and to this effect, the Registrar ( Mrs. Bukola. F. Odetola) directed the senior Assistant Registrar ( Mr. I. Fagbohnube ) to draft a workable paper of commendation to the students of Accounting department for the good –job well done.

    C.S.O’s REMARKS ( Mr. A. Fanawopo)

    The C.S.O in his remarks said that he and his team are working tirelessly to ensure that the security of the school in collaborations with other security personnel is strengthened .

    In the light of the above, hotels and entertainment joints around the school premises has been warned not to grant students permission to organize night parties. Also, a curb to cultism in the institution is in great gear as such practices will be totally abolished and Igbajo Polytechnic and its environs will be a safe and conducive environment to thrive.


    1. Parents should be given a cost – implication of their ward’s school fees on or before the commencement of a new semester or session and the deadline of payment should be added.
    2. The security of the school should be strengthened . It was discovered by a parent that she received strange text messages from some unruly students stating that they would start up a riot during the commencement of the second semester examinations.
    3. Clerics should be part of the school’s policies towards shaping the lives of the students .

    At this juncture, the Registrar  walked up to the podium and gave the vote of thanks . In her remarks , she stated, “ On behalf of the Board of Trustees , Governing Council, Management , staffers and students of Igbajo Polytechnic , we use this medium to thank our parents for their patience, co-operation and tenacity towards making the parent forum a success. We wish you safe trip back to your various destinations . Engr. S.A Bello gave the closing prayers and the meeting ended at 2: 31pm.