About Us

  • Welcome To Igbajo Polytechnic

    Igbajo Polytechnic Igbajo, Osun State, Nigeria is one of the well established private Polytechnics in Nigeria. It was established in year 2005 at a temporary site located at Kiriji Memorial College Igbajo. It has acquired a permanent site (50 hectares of land) along Igbajo Imesi-Ile road, at a distance of 1KM away from Igbajo. Faculty of Management Studies has completely moved to the permanent site while Faculty of Science & Engineering has also partially moved.

    Igbajo Polytechnic received approval from the Federal Ministry of Education and National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) to establish as a polytechnic with effect from August, 2009.

    In line with National Policy on Education, the philosophy and objectives of Igbajo Polytechnic, shall be as hereunder stated:

    Main Philosophy
    To foster qualitative and an excellent higher technical education aimed at producing a self-reliant, highly skilled and practice-oriented individual in a challenging and conducive academic environment without any element of discrimination.
    The philosophy is to be pursued within the broad frame work of the National Policy on Education.

    1. Igbajo Polytechnic is to offer academic programmes and educational services that would help each student to learn and realize self chosen career ambitions and to lift Nigeria up to an enviable height in the world of Science and Technology.
    2. To create conducive environment to learning devoid of any form of discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, ethnic, origin or nationality.
    3. To maintain high academic and moral standard.
    4. The institution will also endeavour to maintain effective organization, management and internal governance.
    5. To build up and maintain strong external relationships that will enhance understanding, cooperation and support for the aspirations of the institution.
    6. The institution is also to build up a competent and highly effective work force without discrimination on the ground of sex, religion, ethnicity and nationality in employment.
    7. The institution is to maintain high standard of excellence for the purpose of its programmes and research.

    The Philosophy and objectives are to be pursued within the broad frame work of the National Policy on Education.
    (i) To realize the first objectives the institution will provide curricular in the areas of Business, Engineering, Computer Science and Technology. Igbajo Polytechnic will be structured into faculties which will be designed to offer professional knowledge and skills, offer educational programmes and services to meet the needs of the students and the technological needs of the nation.
    (ii) To achieve the second goal, there would be equal opportunity to all students who enroll in the institution.
    (iii) The management of the institution would be strengthened and there will be emphasis on effective short term and long term determination of priorities and allocation of resources. A formal reward system for all personnel consistent with their contributions to the realization of the objectives of the institution will be developed.
    (iv) The Polytechnic will foster positive human relations, inter group understanding and appreciation of cultural differences that will positively reinforce the academic experiences of students enrolled. The staff, in addition, will be encouraged to develop in full their scholastic potentials and the personnel in academic department and administrative office will be made to have understanding of the unit's role in the teaching/learning process.
    (v) The number five objective will be pursued through the provision of quality publications and exhibitions of the institution's scientific inventions, and news releases that will inform the general public, prospective students, alumni and the friends of the Polytechnic in and outside Nigeria about its programmes and activities. Furthermore, the institution would strife to use its resources, faculties, programmes, and facilities to render service to its immediate environment, all the states in Nigeria, and to private and public organization that may require them.
    (vi) The sixth objective will be pursued by giving equal opportunity to all employees to achieve their maximum potentials.
    (vii) In pursuant of the seventh objective, there will be constant evaluation of its programmes and personnel. The institution will also from time to time upgrade its teaching, learning and research facilities. The institution will also strictly comply with the standards defined by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), the Federal and State Ministries of Education, and other appropriate bodies and agencies.
    Igbajo Polytechnic will employ high level qualified personnel who are capable of imparting knowledge with a view to producing both academically and morally sound graduate.
    Igbajo Polytechnic will evolve her own journal and students will be encouraged to subscribe and contribute to such journal.